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WolfPackPro 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers with Dual 7" Color Monitors

These 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers have options for:
  • Dual 7" Color Monitors (3U)
  • Front Panel 7" Color Touch Control
  • Audio outs on both HDMI In & Out Cards
  • 4x4, 8x8, 9x9, 16x16 & 18x18 4K Chassis
  • 36x36, 48x48, 56x56, 64x64 4K Chassis
  • 72x72, 80x80 & 160x160 4K Chassis
  • 1080p, 4K/30, 4K/60 & 100ms Switching
  • 4K CAT5 HDBaseT In & Out Cards w/POE
  • 4K HDMI input cards & output cards
  • iOS/Android, TCPIP & WEB GUI Control
  • Optional Elan & 2-Way Control4 Drivers
  • 40-Preset Scenes Saved & Recalled
HDTV Supply's WolfPackPro HDMI Modular Matrix Switchers switch both HDMI audio & HDMI video to a number of HDMI inputs and outputs & comes with a two year Warranty. Because they are Modular Matrix Switchers, they allows any input to be routed to any output; or the same input to be routed to all outputs; or any combination. Our WolfPackPro HDMI Modular Matrix Switchers can be controlled by the included an iPad and Android App, the front panel 7" Color Touch Screen, the Dual RS232 & TCPIP ports, our Windows based software and the optional Elan & 2-Way Control4 drivers. These matrix systems have 18-ways to control them.

Our WolfPackPro HDMI Modular Matrix Switchers over CAT5 are designed to allow the switching and distribution HDMI source devices to up to 160-HDMI displays either HDMI cabled directly or via CAT5e/6/7 HDMI HDBaseT extenders. All of the below, except a few, have spare slots for you to expand in the future when you want to add more sources or TVs. If you need more, or less, HDMI inputs & outputs CLICK our HDMI Matrix Switchers or CLICK the WolfPack HDMI Matrix Switcher Comparison Spreadsheet or call us at 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722).