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WII To HDMI Converter w/PC (VGA) Switching

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WII to HDMI Converter

is a component + audio converter and is designed to connect a WII to an HDMI equipped HDTV. It also has a VGA switchable input. See 720p high definition video with your WII on your widescreen TV.

WII to HDMI Converter Features:

  • Input and output:
    • 1 x VGA Input
    • 1 x Component Video (Y Pb Pr) Input
    • 1 x Shared Stereo AUDIO (R/L) Input
    • 1 x upscaled HDMI Output

WII to HDMI Converter Resolutions:

  • Component Video (Y-Pb-Pr) Resolutions:
    • 480i (60 Hz)
    • 480P (60Hz)
    • 576i (50 Hz)
    • 576P (50 Hz)
    • 720P (50Hz and60Hz)
    • 1080i (50 Hz and 60 Hz)
    • 1080p (50 Hz and 60 Hz)
  • PC VGA Resolutions:
    • 640x480(60Hz; 75Hz, 85Hz)
    • 800x600(60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
    • 1024x768(60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
    • 1280x720 (60Hz)
    • 1280x768 (75Hz)
    • 1280x960 (60Hz)
The WII To HDMI up-converter incorporates a 720p scaler function and up-scales a standard analogue VGA signal or Component Video with audio signal to a single HDMI output. The output is fixed at 720p to avoid a compatibility problem. The WII To HDMI Converter converts both analog audio and video into the digital HDMI data stream so you can see and hear the game on an HDMI equipped HDTV.

If you have PC or laptop with a VGA output, or you have a device like PSP, DVD, WII, X-box, etc. with component outputs and you wish to connect it to an HDTV, then this WII To HDMI Converter is one of your solutions.

The WII to HDMI converter up-scales the WII resolution of 480p to 720P enabling the WII player to play the games in full 720p on big-screen HDTV at HD resolutions. The WII to HDMI converter uses an high-quality scaling chipset to up-scale PC VGA or Component Video (Y-Pb-Pr) signal to 720p HDMI.

The WII to HDMI converter has a Component Video input to connect the WII in as well as a VGA (with audio) input to connect a PC in as well. There is a switch between the VGA and component inputs that selects the input source. The audio 3.5mm jack is shared between inputs and cable must be plugged and unplugged between the sound card and the WII.

The WII detects this cable and you can then change the display type to HD in the WII setup menu. This premium 480p WII high definition cable takes advance of the 480p progressive scan feature of your WII and the converter upscales that to 720p giving you the best available picture today. A 6 foot WII cable is free and additional lengths can be purchased above using 5 RCA to RCA adapters and a 5-wire 480p component cable. The combo is guaranteed to support 480p at the above distances

Compared with other HDMI Converters without a scaler, the advantage of this WII to HDMI converter is it works with all brands and models of PCs and HDTVs. There is no resolution compatibility problem and users need not set the resolution of the PC and HDTV as it is auto-resolution sensing to 720p.

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