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WII to HDMI Adaptor - 1080p Up-conversion

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Why live with a standard definition 480i picture from your WII when you can up-convert it to 1080p high definition HDMI with our WII to HDMI Adaptor? Literally a plug-and-play item for the WII as the WII to HDMI Adaptor auto-adjusts settings to output to 480p, then the WII to HDMI Adaptor takes over and upscales it to 720p (1080p if your TV supports it).

WII to HDMI Adaptor Features:

  • WII to HDMI Adaptor for BETTER Video Quality
  • WII to HDMI Adaptor sends both picture and audio via the HDMI cable
  • Upscales the WIIs Video from Composite NTSC 480i/p (or PAL 576i) to HDMI 720p or 1080p
  • Frees up a widescreens component inputs for other devices
  • The WII to HDMI Adaptor allows everything to run through the an A/V receiver (audio is better w/5.1 system) and with less wiring/cable clutter.
  • No power supply needed as it is powered by the WII
  • Built-in 3.5mm audio converter. Hassle Free! Plug and Play!
  • Solves the problem of using a European WII with a US TV set. Instead of buying an analogue converter from PAL to NTSC, this WII to HDMI Adaptor just keeps us in the digital domain.
  • Needle Push Selector to Switch between 720p and 1080p. The 720P to 1080P needle push switch (hole) is located on the front side at the lower left corner, not the one next to the female HDMI output socket of this WII to HDMI Adaptor.
This WII to HDMI Adaptor allow you to run your WII via HDMI to your audio receiver and not straight into the TV and take advantage of the WIIs' Dolby Digital sound through a 5.1 speaker system. The games sound will sound so much better through the surround system with your sub-woofer. The 720p/1080p toggle (a pin push button) works while the WII is on. You can switch between them, but your TV will have to tell you which resolution it is running at.

Experience way less cable clutter as all you need is the free HDMI cable and route the WIIs sensor bar cable. No extra power supplies, no stereo cable, no clutter by way of using a WII component cable & adapters to a different video converter unit.

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