Temperature Scan Switches

These WolfPack™ Temperature Scan Switches Feature:

  • Wireless Real Time Video Preview: See 100's of Temperature Scan Tablets on TVs & Video Wall TVs located 100's of feet away
  • See them on the iPad app also
  • iPad App control
  • Any in, to any out, in any combination
  • Consists of POE Transmitters, POE Receivers & POE Ethernet Switch
  • Add, remove & relocate sources & TVs at anytime
  • Includes Drag-N-Drop Video Wall Processing supporting up to a 16x16 (256 TVs)
  • Rotate TVs 90, 180 & 270 Degrees
  • POE design so TX, RX & Ethernet switch doesn't require AC adapters
  • Extends the signal 330' in & out of the Ethernet switch with CAT5/5e
  • Extends the signal 450' in & out of the Ethernet switch with CAT6/7
  • Switchable H.264 or H.265 protocol for the best picture
  • Secure Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Compliance
  • HDCP compliant
  • 1080p video over an 1G Switch
  • Almost zero (80ms to 100ms) Latency
  • Almost zero (80ms to 100ms) Switching Time
  • Separate audio outs on TX & RX
  • Supports scalable in & out matrix configurations
  • Rack mountable TXs & Ethernet Switches
  • Windows 10 PC Control Software
  • Field Upgradeable
  • Android App

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