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Scrool down to see S-Video / Composite to DVI Converter Converters.

Ever feel like you're stuck with a square peg and a round hole? If you're trying to integrate one of the latest generation digital audio/video devices with your still-good, but older components, chances are you know exactly what we're talking about. But thanks to these S-Video / composite to DVI video converters, you can resolve these incompatibility issues quickly, easily and affordably! Now you'll be able to do things like connect your set-top box or satellite receiver to your high-definition TV, or wire progressive scan DVD players.

These S-Video / Composite Video to DVI converters deliver high-quality converted video, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation. They are ideal for converting normal video signals from a DVD, VCR, Laser Disc, Cable or Satellite receiver to DVI equipped TV/Projectors, and even computer monitors.