Sports Bar TV Systems

Scroll down to see our WolfPack Sports Bar HDMI Matrix Switchers over CAT5 with DirecTV iPad Control that allow:

  1. Change the DirecTV channels on iPad
  2. Send any channel up to any of 80-TVs
  3. Turn ON all the TVs in the AM with iPad
  4. Turn OFF all the TVs at night with iPad
  5. iPad shows your Sports Bar floor plan
  1. Send 4K@110' & 1080p@220' via CAT6
  2. 10-key keypad at 150' away for presets
  3. Uses only one iPad page
  4. 4K now, don't have to future upgrade
  5. Dual Color Screens shows what's on TVs
  1. See a Cable TV & DirecTV TV Guide
  2. Use devices like cable boxes, DVDs, etc
  3. 7" Color Touchscreen for setup & control
  4. Optional Video Walls

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