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Silver Plated Component Video Cable - 1080p Silver Plated

Item Code: ia40103
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These Silver Plated Component Video Cables allow true high definition video ensuring state-of-the-art performance through advanced cable design, construction and materials.

Silver Plated Component Video Cable Features:

  • Connectors: RCA Male x3 to RCA Male x3
  • Broadcast quality 75-ohm component video interconnects feature silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductors
  • Three layers of shielding: two 80% + OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar foil provide maximum immunity to environmental EMI and RFI
  • SplitLok precision-machined 24-karat gold-plated connectors with split center pins ensure superior signal transfer
  • Silver-solder construction eliminates the negative effects of dissimilar metals on the delicate video signal
  • Flexcable ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
Silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductors and nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric combine with Cu Shielding Technology and 24K gold-plated connectors to provide a lifetime of dependable performance. Precise construction techniques maintain characteristic 75-ohm impedance to guarantee maximum signal fidelity.

Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Why not buy this Silver Plated Component Video Cable today?