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These WolfPack™ Rugged HDMI Extenders extend your HDMI source device to an HDTV display 100s of feet away with a single CAT5 or coax cable without any video loss and time delay...and in hostile environments.

By utilizing our advanced technology both HDMI audio & video signals can be sent to a device via standard CAT5e/6/6a or coax cabling. They are 5VDC powered and a Power Adapter is included. These Rugged HDMI Extenders only supports 480p, 720p or 1080p progressive signals so set your source device to one of those resolutions. These adapters do not work with 480i or 1080i source resolutions or 480i or 1080i displays or any interlaced (i) device or any other resolution like 1280x1024, etc.

The rugged HDMI extenders are housed in rugged cases and have a wide operating temperature range and feature:
  • Operating Temp from 0 to 150 degrees F
  • Anti-rust Industrial Aluminum Alloy Shielding
  • Zero Latency & Zero Transmission Loss

Rugged HDMI Over CAT5 or coax Extender Applications:

  1. Outdoor pool areas
  2. Open door factories
  3. Outdoor trade shows
  4. Outdoor patios
  5. Installations where CAT5 or coax cables are already installed