PC to HDMI Converter Scaler - 1080p

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This PC to HDMI converter scaler is ideal company to your HDMI HDTV with an HDMI input. It is a professional universal scaler with ultra high bandwidth (205 MHz) and accepts both analog and digital inputs and outputs a variety of scaled DVI or HDMI resolutions.

PC (VGA) to HDMI Converter Scaler Applications:

  • View any laptop or PC in your conference room with sound on your HDMI equipped widescreen
  • HDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 compliant.
  • Scales any HD resolutions to PC (VGA ~ WUXGA)/ HD (480i ~ 1080p) resolutions.
  • Automatically detects the factory setting of the connected display & outputs the corresponding resolution & refresh rate when the NATIVE output is selected.
  • Supports 50/60 Hz frame rate conversion.
  • Supports 3-D motion video adaptive, 3-D de-interlacing and 3:2/2:2 pull down detection and recovery.
  • Provides picture adjustment on contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB (color tone) level & aspect ratio size.
The PC to HDMI converter scaler is designed to upscale analog video signal from a VGA source to a digital HDMI output of wide-range HDTV and PC resolutions up to 1080p. This is an immense help when vendors and other users bring in their laptop with an unknown resolution set on their video card.

Besides video upscaling, the scaler box also converts a digital/analog audio signal to digital/analog format, then output to it HDMI and combining with the video. This PC to HDMI Converter Scaler has a comprehensive OSD menu that allows user to select a variety of output resolutions and adjust for best picture quality. This converters chip-set includes a chip to makes sure the sound and the picture are in sync and no delays occur between them.

If you have a PC or laptop and want sound you will need a Stereo Audio to 3.5mm Y Converter Cable to plug into your headphone sound jack.

CAUTION: This device converts a VGA signal to an HDMI signal and cannot be used in reverse to convert HDMI to VGA! If you need to convert HDMI to VGA see our HDMI to VGA adapters.

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