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8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switch - 8 In's Converted to (2) VGA & HDMI Outs - 1 Left

Item Code: SB-3877
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This SB-3877 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher has 8 inputs & 2 outputs (independent of each other) making this a true matrix switcher. Because it is a matrix switcher, it allows any input to be routed to any output; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. See the above SIMILAR Tab for equivalent products or, if not there, call us at 800-841-9238 right now to discuss your needs.

SB-3877 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher Features:

  • Support 8 inputs to 2 outputs Multi Video Matrix Switcher
  • Support VGA output resolution VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA, WXGA, WUXGA
  • Supports HDMI output resolution for 720p & 1080p
  • Push Button control, RS 232 control, IR Control
  • 1U Rack mount Multi Video Matrix Switch

The SB-3877 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher inputs are:

  • 2x HDMI,
  • 2x Composite Video w/Audio,
  • 2x S-Video w/Audio,
  • 2x Component video w/Audio and
  • 2x VGA w/Audio.

The SB-3877 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher outputs are:

  • 2x VGA w/Audio and
  • 2x HDMI.
The SB-3877 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher support High Definition Digital signals with data rates enabling 1080i formats or if in PC resolution up to 1920x1200. It completely eliminates the need to constantly move around HD input and output cables. The formats supported are NTSC / PAL / SECAM video systems. An input cable equalizer enables use of long cable runs of more then 50 feet (15 meters) when using 24 AWG cable at 1080i and a Windows-based control software package is included to provide complete control of the 8X2 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher from a PC.

Note that you can use BOTH the VGA Output and the HDMI Output simultaneously giving you 2 outputs per channel for a total of 4 outputs per chassis.

Control of this 8X4 Multi-Video Matrix Switcher can be managed via its front-panel control, IR remote control, RS-232, or our optional . RS-232 to Ethernet Converter. The RS-232 to Ethernet Converter allows control of the unit from anywhere in the world given you know how to write RS-232 code and have the correct serial Ethernet hardware.

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