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Heavy Duty HDMI Cable - Metal Protected

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These Heavy Duty HDMI Cables have a stainless steel crush resistant jacket over HDMI cable to provide protection in applications where standard cables would be damaged due to excessive force. These Heavy Duty HDMI Cables are are to be used in hostile environments and industrial applications.

These Heavy Duty HDMI Cables Features:

  • Stainless steel material provides 1500 PSI crush resistance
  • 30 micro-inch gold plated contact pins to minimize signal loss and insure many mating cycles
  • Foil plus braid shield provides maximum protection against EMI/RFI
  • Available in 6 lengths ranging from 0.5m to 5m
  • ROHS compliant
Our Heavy Duty HDMI Cables are great for any environment that needs protection like trade shows, outdoors and rugged installations. Manufactured with gold-plated connectors, silver solder construction, copper conductors and metal molding, they support resolution up to 1080p and theatre-style surround sound.

These Heavy Duty HDMI Cables have a crush resistance of1500 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and feature rugged over mold connectors, 30 micro-inch gold plated contacts and double shielding which protects your A/V signals from EMI/RFI. The Heavy Duty HDMI Cable assembly includes a built-in Ethernet and a metal protective outer jacket

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