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HDMI Repeater - 1080p Rated - Great For Projectors

Item Code: B123-001
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The HDMI Repeater is connected at the end of a HDMI cable. If you are not getting a picture with a long HDMI cable or you are getting sparkles this HDMI Repeater will allow you to see your HDMI video and hear your audio. It is great to use with a projector when there is no way to install another AC receptacle as this HDMI Repeater does not require AC.

HDMI Repeater Features:

  • Extend a 1080p (24Hz) HDMI signal up to 150-Feet from the source
  • Use 22 AWG HDMI cables in most applications
  • When extending a 1080p (24Hz) signal more than 75-Feet, use cable made with 22Awg wiring
  • 22 Awg HDMI cable is also needed when extending a 3D signal more than 50-Feet. A 3D signal can be extended up to 125-Feet using 24Awg HDMI cable
  • Compliant with the Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases
No AC adapter is needed as they use the +5V signal off of pin 18 of the HDMI cable to power it. If you feel you do need an HDMI booster with an AC adapter one is offered above that works to 100 feet.

NOTE 1: These HDMI boosters works only at the end, or near the HDTV, not at the source device. The HDMI booster is placed near the display to remove any noise that has been generated by a long HDMI cable.

NOTE 2: PC video cards and AV Surround sound receivers are notorious for not conforming to the HDMI spec of providing a stable 5 volt at 55 mill-amp output. We have seen many Onkyo and other AV receivers who can't drive long HDMI cables due to their poor HDMI switching design.

We have seen some laptops and AV receivers that only measure 30ma which means you can't use a long HDMI cable or another HDMI device on the AV receivers output. This front end HDMI booster may be able to offset that problem if you are not getting a signal when using a long HDMI cable.

If you have a PC, laptop and/or an AV receiver that is experiencing sparkles or no signal you may need the VOLTAGE INJECTOR also.

Th HDMI Repeater works by regenerating the high definition video and digital audio it receives from the the source and transmits it along to the second cable at the extended display. The HDMI Repeater only works if placed at the end of the cable. It's equipped with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connectors and passes through HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection) compliant video. HDCP is a standard encoded into the signal to prevent it from being pirated. Sources, displays and any repeater device in between must be able to pass HDCP in order to work properly

How the HDMI Repeater works: You connect the HDMI cable on one side of the HDMI extender and the display闁瑰墎妫梐ble on the other side. The HDMI extender sits between the end of your HDMI cable and your display. The HDMI Repeater is highly effective to distances up to 100 feet.

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