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WolfPack HDMI to Coax Splitter to Many HDMI TVs Up To 1,500' - You Design It

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HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ HDMI to Coax Splitter extends a single HDMI video and stereo audio signal to dozens of widescreens over a signal point-to-point coax cable to TVs that can be 1,500 feet away that have an HDMI input, not coax. The HDMI Extender Over Coax provides digital coding processing for HDMI signal with our DTV technology. The HDMI to Coax Splitter adopts our RF modulation technology to transmit the one HDMI signal up to 80 - TVs via a coaxial cable per the TVs HDMI input. No fiber and no special training required as well as you don't have the limitations on distance like you find in HDMI cabling and HD-SDI systems.

By adding the above DTV network mixers (coax splitters) attached in line with the RF cable you can achieve many different kinds of transmission modes like similar to an HDMI splitter operating over 1,500 feet. For example you could configure a 1x25 HDMI splitter for one PC going to 25 widescreens up to 1,500 feet away by wiring one coax cable per TV.

WolfPack HDMI to Coax Splitter Features:

  • Contains one transmitter (TX) and any number of receivers you pick plus their AC adapters.
  • Support HDMI resolution up to 1080P/60Hz.
  • The transmission distance up to 500 meters by SYV-75-5 coaxial cable without the need of amplification.
  • Supports 80 channels for option with frequency ranges of 139MHz to 950MHz.
  • Products using the broadcast signal transmission mode, only one line can transmit 48 channels of high-definition video signal at the same time.
  • The use of digital TV communication protocol, anti interference and error correction capability is very strong.
  • Installs in minutes. Analog monitor system upgrade to HD systems can continue to use the original connector and cable.
  • Includes DC5V/1A power adapters

WolfPack HDMI to Passive Coax Splitter Specs:

  • The coax bi-directional splitters provide a 1 GHz bandwidth and are ideal for this application.
  • Comes in various number of outputs, see the above Options.
NOTE: These high powered units are designed to send an HDMI signal upwards of 1,500 feet so you will need to select a high channel like 80 and maybe use attenuators on the transmitters.
  • Transmit below 300 feet, please choose an high channel;
  • Transmit below 300 feet, if you choose high channel and don't have a signal add one or more attenuators in series with the coaxial cable on the transmitter.
  • We suggest you use 20db or 30db (adjustable) attenuators if your application is to transmit below 100m.
  • Or you can use over 100m coax cable to transmit below a 100m distance.

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