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WolfPack HDMI Table Box with HDBaseT to CAT5 Extender

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HDTV Supply′s WolfPack HDMI Table Box with HDBaseT to CAT5 Extender has 2 - inputs, 1 - VGA video and its accompanied 3.5mm audio signal and 1 - HDMI input and outputs to 220 feet with one single CAT5e/6/7 cable. When transmitting the VGA signal, it will convert the VGA analog signal to a digital HDMI signal to use with an HDMI display or projector. Our WolfPack HDMI Table Box solves the problem of not knowing what the visitors laptop has as an output as this switcher supports both VGA and its audio, and HDMI, so you will be prepared.

The WolfPack HDMI Table Box provides an extremely simple, affordable and elegant single-slide up multi-connection boardroom or conference solution. It uses HDBaseT technology to transmit the high definition 1080p video and stereo audio transmission to avoid the signal losses that long HDMI cables exhibit. The output is an RJ45 jack (no HDMI output) to use with a projector that already has a built-in HDBaseT receiver. If the TV or projector only has an HDMI input buy the optional HDBaseT receiver above.

The HDMI Table Box is always flush in your table and comes in a black anodized aluminum enclosure. The DIP switches allow you to up-scale or downscale to your desired video resolutions to match the projector or TV.

WolfPack HDMI Table Box Features:

  • Supports 1-HDMI and 1-VGA + its 3.5mm audio input
  • IR remote control work with USB to upgrade firmware
  • Supports an AC 110V-260V 50/60Hz power input
  • Support an AC 110V-240V 50/60Hz power output
  • Support Ethernet pass-through from the TV or projector
  • Use the HDBaseT port to transmit the HDMI Audio and Video signal to a projector or TV with built-in HDBaseT
  • LED indicator to observe connection status
  • DIP switch to adjust screen resolutions
  • Easy to install and adjust

WolfPack HDMI Table Box Useful Applications:

  1. Build directly into a boardroom table for video presentations and video conferencing
  2. Build into a podium for live presentation control
  3. Connect your device to a projector or large display and switch from one computer to another, or to a mobile device automatically, to collaborate during a boardroom meeting
  4. Use in a boardroom or classroom where a projector or display may not have the required connectivity ports
  5. Hide your unsightly cables and switch box by building directly into your table or podium

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