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WolfPack HDMI Scaler Switch - 3-HDMI, 1-VGA, 1-S-Video & 1-Composite

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HDTV Supplys WolfPack

HDMI Scaler Switch

switches between S-Video, component, VGA & 3-HDMIs & converts them to a 1080p high definition HDMI output. Our Proprietary Advanced Color Engine technology gives your picture brilliant fresh colors with Intensified contrast and details along with Vivid skin tone, Sharp edges, Accurate and color. The HDMI Scaler Switch was designed to enhance the audio and video experience at the guest room of the hotel and the personal home theatre. It can converter easily the multi-channel audio source and the video signal source (Camera, Computer, BD Player, Game Console etc.) into the Full HD signal, and can switch easily between the multiple signal sources. In addition, this product is also equipped with a 4 port 10/100M network switcher which lets peripheral devices connect to the internet.

A typical use of this HDMI Scaler Switch is in a conference room where various laptops are brought in to show on a projector or widescreen using the above optional HDMI extender over CAT5 or a large gauge HDMI cables.

This HDMI Scaler Switch encodes HDMI, VGA, s-video and composite (red-white-yellow) to HDMI signals for the full HDMI video and audio effect. This HDMI Scaler Switch also allows you to easily switch between different kinds of video and audio formats to the HDMI format with a touch of a button on your IR remote. The full digital video and audio experience and the power of convenience all in one.

WolfPack HDMI Scaler Switch Features:

  • 6 Video Inputs:
    • 3 - HDMI
    • 1 - VGA with its own audio
    • 1 - S-Video with shared audio with the composite video
    • 1 - Composite video
  • 1 AV Output:
    • HDMI scaled to 1080p
    • SPDIF Optical Audio
    • Right and left stereo
  • Other stand alone & separate to the above inputs and outputs:
    • Supports 2-USB 1A current charging interfaces on the front panel for Apple and other devices
    • Built-in 4 port 10/100M network switch
  • Supports HDMI output up to 1080P/60Hz, the HDMI signal input support 3D HD source film (24fps)
  • Supports 30bit, 36bit deep color
  • Supports audio separation output which includes a optical output and L&R analog output
  • Supports 3 modes of EDID management for audio formats, can switch among built-in EDID(2CH/5.1CH) and external EDID (TV).
  • PAL/NTSC automatic video format
  • No loss of quality
  • Supports input up to 30 feet with AWG 22 HDMI standard cable length, output up to 50 feet AWG 22 cable length
  • Easily switch between devices manually or with the IR remote control
  • Plug and play
  • Supports 2x USB 1A current charging interface, and support charging for Apple device
  • Built-in 4 ports 10/100M network switch to connect to the internet
  • Includes a DC5V/2A power supply

HDMI Scaler Switch Applications:

  1. GAMING: Use just one HDMI cable from your WII, PS2, PS3, Xbox or Xbox 360 to your HDMI equipped HDTV
  2. Connect your computer with a VGA output to your HDMI equipped HDTV
  3. Upgrade your older DVD player with s-video outputs to work with your new HDTV that has HDMI inputs
  4. many more applications

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