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4K HDBaseT HDMI Splitters with Individual Output OFF/ON Control (39)

These 4K HDBaseT Splitters with Individual Output Control Splits & Sends HDMI to multiple TVs Over CAT6:
  • Individual OFF/ON Control of any Output
  • Field upgradeable to a true Matrix Switch
  • Apps, Web GUI & Front Control of Outputs
  • Includes all 4K HDBaseT PoC Receivers
  • 220 feet at 1080p & 4K at 110 feet, or
  • 330 feet at 1080p & 4K at 175 feet
  • Separate HDMI Out card for local monitor
  • HDMI In card has audio out for an amp
  • Uses only 1-CAT5e/6 cable per TV
  • 19" Rack Mount Chassis

The unique feature of these HDBaseT Splitters is that you have complete control of each one of the outputs of which you can either turn OFF or turn ON the signal going to the displays. Usual CAT5 splitters do not allow you to do that. You control the outputs of these HDBaseT splitters with an IOS or Android app, front buttons or 7" color touchscreens, a WEB GUI control or the RS-232 serial port. They also have optional Elan & 2-Way Control4 drivers and more. Other features will allow you to add more outputs in the field to a total of 36 and even growing it to a full 4K matrix switch in the future by buying HDMI input cards. They are created with a 9x9, 18x18 or 36x36 chassis & you need only 1-CAT5e/6 cable per TV.

HDTV Supply, Inc. is an HDBaseT.Org Approved Adopter of HDBaseT™ Products.