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50 Foot & longer HDMI cables w/Boosters - 25 Lengths

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These long powered HDMI 1.3/HDMI 1.4 rated HDMI cables w/built-in boosters sends HDMI video & audio up to 262 feet w/25 lengths to choose from. These HDMI 1.3 rated HDMI cables with a built-in booster support HDTV formats of 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i & 480p & resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 with vivid color depth for crystal clear picture & vibrant natural colors.

NEW FOR 2019:
  1. Either HDMI 1.3 or HDMI 1.4 rated
  2. Optional 7 position built-in equalizer switch on 75 and 100 foot CL3 cables with built-in booster. See below picture. Equalizer helps with preventing dropouts.
  3. Enhanced chipset doesn't require an HDCP handshake.
  4. Some even supports 3D by setting the Blu-ray player 3D to "ON" instead of Auto.
  5. Some don't need an AC adapter needed as they are powered by the HDMI source device. That HDMI source must provide +5V on pin 18 and ground on pin 17 to power the in-line boosters.
  6. Low power consumption chip set
  7. Rated for in-wall use
  8. Optional 50 foot, 75 foot and 100 foot PLENUM rating to conform to building codes at an installation in any School, University, Hospital, Government or other commercial buildings.
  9. Supports the new Blu-ray DVD players that output 24 frames per second i.e. 1080p/24 as well as the new HDTV's that have the 1080p 120/200/240 etc. options to support 24 FPS.
These long powered HDMI cables come in lengths from 50 feet to 262 feet. If you need shorter lengths our HDMI cables and they will work flawlessly

How it works: A small repeater is built into the TV end of the cable to amplify the HDMI signal and results in a powerful signal transmission. The amplifier does not require an external power source, since it is using a 5 volt HDMI line on pin 18. The booster end of the cable goes at the END, near the HDTV

There is an amplifier every 15M to assure you a stunning picture when you have long cables! This HDMI cable will support resolutions of 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i/p so you can use it on your existing equipment. These cables are HDCP compliant assuring you of seeing a copy protected picture.

NOTE 1: These HDMI cables are compatible with HDTV's with a 120 and 200 and 1,000 Hz frame rate and Blu-ray, HD-DVD DVD players etc. with a 24 Hz frame rate. By using theses self powered HDMI cables you won't need an external amplifier, booster or expensive fiber optic cable...and you won't need an AC receptacle to plug them into.

These HDMI 1.3 tested cables have a CL2 rating which comes from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It means that these cables have a slow burning outer jacket and should meet most fire codes and are safe for in-wall installations. The CL2 rating does not affect the appearance or performance of the cables. They can be used in or out of a wall. Some have a CL3 rating which supersedes any in-wall code requirement for residential or commercial installations. The CL3 rating means they are reinforced and made with specific materials to be awarded the compliancy by Underwriters Laboratories. The cable is fully HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant so works with newer devices such as Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players that demand the technology.

Tip: It's always a good practice when using long cables that are installed in walls to test your HDMI chain out first by laying the cables on the ground and plugging them into you source devices and HDTV before installing them. It's far easier to diagnose problems this way then when they are in the wall.

How to install it: Insert the "SOURCE" end into the DVD player, set top box, etc. and the "DISPLAY OR LARGER" end into the HDTV, projector, LCD or plasma. On the 26 gauge cables insert the longer HDMI with the HDMI booster inside end into the HDTV. Some of the powered HDMI 1.3 tested HDMI cables are made of high-purity silver plated copper and the conductors have very high conductivity, low signal loss and degradation and low electrical resistance.

Silver-Plated Conductors: Silver-plating video conductors offer superior conductivity to copper, for the best high-frequency response possible. Since video frequencies are mostly higher frequencies, the signal travels primarily at the surface where the silver-plating is a significant advantage due to higher conductivity. Silver-plating produces a stronger signal, with less loss, better clarity, and richer colors.

Silver plating covers each of the 19 wires (100% copper) in the HDMI cable. Silver plating has even less resistance than copper and should be your choice for an optimum picture quality and insurance against future resolution higher than 1080p.

NOTE 1 - TO PS3 USERS: All Sony Playstation 3's have its default settings set not to HDMI so you should manually change the default AV setting to HDMI before connecting to an HDTV. Please make sure to reboot your PS3 system after the default setting has been changed to HDMI. Also, change the HDTV's default AV source to HDMI before connecting it to PS3.

NOTE 2: The 50, 75 and 100 foot powered HDMI cables have black colored ends, instead of red and black. The larger end, where the booster is located, is to be inserted into the TV.

NOTE 3: These HDMI 1.3 cables with a built-in booster will work with 1.4 devices that don't require an Ethernet connection. You should feel comfortable that all of our HDMI cables provided since the release of HDMI v1.3 will support each of the new features offered by v1.4 with the exception of the Ethernet channel. There will be a very minor change in the current cables to allow for an HDMI Ethernet channel (HEC) but if you are looking to take advantage of the other functions offered by v1.4 you can rest assured that the cables you bought from us already supports all them.

Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Why not buy a long powered HDMI cable today?