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Sports Bar DirecTV™ Control System

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This Sports Bar DirecTV™ Control System uses an iPad or Android tablet with our DVRpod System.

Our WolfPack™ Sports Bar DirecTV DVRpod System allows you to:

  1. Send any DirecTV TV channel to any TV

  2. Switch any DirecTV DVR to any TV

  3. ...all from one screen on an iPad

EXAMPLE: Using a WolfPack 8x16 HDMI Matrix Switch, 4-DirecTV Receivers, an iPad & our DVRpod System you can do the following with one finger:

  • DirecTV Box 1: Touch a DirecTV channel in on the iPad to see what sports is on ESPN and touch it to TV1, TV3, TV7, TV9 and TV14

  • DirecTV Box 2: Touch a DirecTV channel on the iPad to see what football games are on and touch it to TV2, TV5, TV8, TV11 and TV16

  • DirecTV Box 3: Touch a DirecTV; channel on the iPad to see what baseball game is on and touch it to TV4, TV6, TV8, TV10 and TV13

  • DirecTV Box 4: Touch a DirecTV on the iPad to see what soccer game is on and touch it to TV15

  • ....and more

To understand see the main picture here & on the left is the info on the DirecTV™ channels (in real time) that you select & on the right is a floor lan of your facility. Now with one finger you send any DirecTV™ box to any TV in any combination. You no longer have to go back to your rack and change the channels on the DirecTV™ boxes and then run to your restaurant floor to see whether it happened or not.

Sports Bar TV Control System Features:

  • Uses our WolfPack™ Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers
  • Control via with an iPad or Android Tablet browser
  • Switch matrix ins & out with an iPad or Android Tablet
  • Change DirecTV™ channels with an iPad or Android Tablet
  • The DVRpod sytem is installed in your facility so is not reliant on the Internet or if the iPad is misplaced.
  • An easy to use user Tablet sized interface is included. A custom floor plan view is optional as it's specific to your facility.

Working together, HDTV Supply and our WolfPack™ HDMI Modular Matrix systems easily integrate Audio / Video into one easy to use package. From one touch of a tablet you are ready to serve your customers, and with another ready to go home for the night. You will no longer need to keep track of many handheld remote controls. With the versatility of the DVRpod controller one can easily integrate the package with our WolfPack™ HDMI Modular Matrix systems.

These WolfPack™ Modular Matrix Switchers can be used in Sports Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Gentleman's Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Fitness Centers, Malls, Places of Worship, Data Centers, Gaming Rooms, Nail Salons, County Clubs, Factories, Conference Rooms, Schools, Home Theaters or many other installations requiring HDMI matrix switching.

NOTE: The $750 price shown above is just a typical price for a standard HDMI Matrix System. The above $1,000 ($1,750 total) optional iPad & DirecTV™ Control with a Custom Floor Plan includes 4-hours of work which may be more less less depending upon the complexity of your sports bar layout. For more info and a custom quote call HDTV Supply, Inc. at 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) PST.