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DVIGear DVI-7370c Active Cable HDMI Extender

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Active Cable Extender HDMI

DVIGear's HDMI ACE™ Active Cable Extender is a dynamic cable equalizer that performs high-speed cable compensation on long DVI and HDMI cables. This unit provides up to 40 dB of insertion loss correction at 825 MHz, which correlates to the highest possible DVI signal resolutions. The amount of equalization can be automatically adjusted independent of cable length connected, or manually set using a precision 25-turn adjustment. Innovative features such as automatic power detection and high-speed ESD protection further enhance the usefulness of this unit in system applications.

The HDMI ACE™ unit is fully HDMI v1.4 compatible and supports both HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return Channel features. This unit also includes cable fixation points, which allows the connection of locking HDMI cables. When used in conjunction with DVIGear's Super High Resolution™ HDMI and DVI cables, cable lengths of up to 200 ft. (~ 60 meters) are possible. The combination of these products form active cable assemblies that are fully compliant with HDMI and DVI standards, and which provide superior performance, ruggedness and durability.

Active Cable Extender HDMI Features:

  • Supports all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p (8-bit and 12-bit color)
  • Supports PC resolutions up to 1920x1200
  • and 2048x1080
  • Supports digital bit rates up to 2.25 Gbps.
  • Supports HDCP (pass-through)
  • Maximum distance from source to ACE™:
  • 200 ft. (~ 60 meters)
  • Maximum distance from ACE™ to display
  • 15 ft. (~ 5 meters)Automatic or precise Manual Adjustment
  • of cable equalization
  • Fixation points for HDMI cables with locking screw
  • Locking connector for AC Power Adapter
  • for added security
  • Robust ESD protection on input and output
  • Rugged, ultra-compact metal enclosure
  • LEDs indicate presence of sufficient power and active HDMI signal

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