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Premium Composite Video w/Stereo Audio Cable - 2-Lengths

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This composite video cable is a video connection and is available on most TVs, DVD players, TiVo's, satellite receivers, and VCRs. These composite video cables are the best you can buy. Why? If the cable can't pass the 480p (10 MHz) video sweep test signal with absolutely NO degradation it is discarded.

Tests that are performed on the composite video cable are:

  • Series Resistance____ohms, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Resistance____ohms, or immeasurable _____
  • Series Capacitance ____picofarads, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Capacitance ____picofarads, or immeasurable _____
  • Series Inductance ____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Parallel Inductance ____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Phase shift between wires ___degrees or immeasurable___
  • Crosstalk between wires ___db or immeasurable _____
  • Video frequency response from 0 Hz to 10 MHz +-____db
  • Audio frequency response from 0 Hz to 50 KHz +-____db
  • 24 KT gold plating connector inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • Total cable visual inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • Dolby Digital Audio Compliancy ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • DTS Audio Compliancy ____ Pass, ____ Fail
These composite video cables are tested to be flat to 10 MHz guaranteeing it to pass a 480p signal without impact to the signal. You can be assured of the finest picture when you buy this Composite Video cable with stereo audio.

Your video is only as good as the cable that connects it. Why not buy this composite video cable today?