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Conference Room Video Box

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This Conference Room Video Box is for conference tables and features a concealed, in-table design that lets you connect a VGA, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI or composite video source device to an HDMI display or projector. When the video switch isn't in use, you can simply slide the stylish cover panel over the connectors, hiding them inside the table or podium surface.

Automatic Switching: Automatic switching enables the STBOX4HDECP to automatically select your attached video source. Please only connect one video source at a time.

Install this Conference Room Video Box into any boardroom table, and connect the screen from any laptop with HDMI, VGA or mDP to an HDMI display. Unlike larger switchers, the Conference Room Video Box does not require human interface. Once a signal goes away the switcher will automatically change to the other input.

Conference Room Video Box Features:

  • Concealed table installation clears boardroom cable clutter
  • Enable boardroom connection compatibility with laptops and Ultrabooks
  • Single cable connection to your HDMI Display
  • In-table installation
  • Automatic audio / video switching
  • Hideaway panel
  • Supports VGA, HDMI, mDP and composite audio / video sources
  • HDCP compliant
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Ethernet pass through port for network connectivity
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p
  • Input Connectors:
    • 1 - HDMI (19 pin) Female Input
    • 1 - VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Female Input
    • 1 - 3.5 mm Mini-Jack (3 Position) Female Input
    • 1 - Composite Video (1 x RCA) Female Input
    • 1 - RJ-45 Female
    • 1 - USB A (4 pin) Female
    • 1 - Mini-DisplayPort (20 pin) Female Input
    • 1 - Stereo Audio (2 × RCA) Female Input
  • Output Connectors:
    • 1 - HDMI (19 pin) Male Output
    • 1 - RJ-45 Female
  • USB Pass-Through No
  • Audio Specifications: 7.1 Surround sound (HDMI, Mini DisplayPort)
  • 2-Channel Stereo (3.5mm, RCA)
  • Maximum Analog Resolutions: 1920×1080
  • Maximum Digital Resolutions: 1920×1080
  • Supported Resolutions 1920×1080: (1080p)
  • Wide Screen Supported: Yes
Conference Room Video Box Convenient Accessibility: Presenters can conveniently share content from their own device with the table top switch automatically converting any attached audio/video source device into a single HDMI output. The switch box also offers stylish integration into your modern boardroom or classroom with a discreet hideaway panel. For added convenience the Conference Room Video Box features a USB charging port to charge your mobile device and an Ethernet pass-through port for Internet connectivity in boardrooms where Wi-Fi® is not available.

Conference Room Video Box Can Collaborate Easily: The A/V switch makes your large display accessible to any presenter's video source device, by installing directly into the surface of your table or podium, and automatically outputs the most recently connected video source. Plus, support for high-definition video resolutions up to 1920×1080 (1080p) ensures that the quality of your presentation is maintained.

Conference Room Video Box Connectivity Options: With support for different video inputs, including HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort, and composite, the video switch ensures support for almost any laptop, Ultrabook ™ or mobile device such as MacBook®, Microsoft® Surface™ Pro 2 & 3, and Lenovo X1 ™. The switch panel even works with legacy audio/video devices such as DVD players, and supports the use of video adapters for your iPhone®or iPad®