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4K/30 HDMI Matrix Switch over LAN w/Video Wall Processor (8)

These Different 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers over LAN with Video Walls have:
  • 4K/30 HDMI Matrix over LAN
  • Built-in Video Wall Processors
  • Bezel Correction & Screen Rotation
  • Cropping & Scaling
  • HDMI over LAN Design Reaches 400'
  • Includes an Ethernet switch
  • HDMI Transmitters & Receivers
  • Control via a WEB GUI
  • 1x7 HDMI Splitter shown

These 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers over LAN with internal Video Wall are easy to configure and install. Just install the WolfPack Transmitters (TX) at the video sources, attach it to our special Gigabit managed switch, plug the WolfPack Receivers (RX) at each of the screens. Then launch the WEB GUI and you are done.

These WolfPack Matrix & Video Wall System uses Gigabit compression technology to send a visually lossless HDMI video signal up to a 4K2K image & 8-channel digital audio across a 1000BT LAN (UHD over IP) to many-widescreens up to 400-feet away via one CAT6 cable per display. Use the 4K HDMI Matrix Switch over LAN with Video Wall in malls, sports bars, factories, conference rooms & similar without having to purchase expensive PCs and impossible-to-operate video wall processors.

Don't see the size that you need? Call us right now at 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) and we will give you a custom quote immediately.