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Component Video with S/PDIF Audio to RJ45 Female Balun

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Run component video with digital audio up to 300 feet over UTP network cable; 1080i. Component Video Baluns provide an economical alternative to coaxial cable used in audio/video installations. The Balun maintains 75 Ohm impedance to the audio/video devices while providing 100 Ohm impedance to the cabling infrastructure.

Component Video with S/PDIF Audio to CAT5 Balun Features:

  • Transmit Component Video/Digital Audio over UTP cable.
  • Transmit up to 300 feet with little or no visible degradation.
  • Compatible with 1080i.
  • Compatible with Composite video or CCTV applications.
The above price is for one unit and they are commonly purchased in pairs.

This balancing of the impedances allows the audio/video signal to travel with little or no degradation of signal up to 300 feet over unshielded twisted pair cabling. Save time by sharing existing UTP network cable for audio/video applications. This Balun has a set of 4 female RCA connectors for Component Video and Digital SPDIF Audio. The female RJ45 jack provides a quick method of connecting the baluns to existing UTP cables.

Our design features a wide-band transformer which permits all 4 channels to be used for composite video applications. The Chassis is constructed out of heavy-gauge steel in order to stand up to abuse and provide shielding from unwanted interference Sold individually.

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