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4 Output Video Wall w/Sub-Title Scrolling - 1 In to 4-Outs & 180 Degree Flipable

Item Code: HDTV-TVW104
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HDTV Supplys WolfPack 4 Output Video Wall Display is a powerful and fully real time data/video processor for 4-flat panel displays or projectors. With the most flexibility on the input side, the unit accepts one VGA, DVI, CVBS, S-Video, and YPbPr signal and splits that input onto the connected 4 displays showing one large picture. The 4 screen wall processor is an advanced video device for multimedia presentations. It has four HDMI outputs to go to 4 - widescreens showing one large picture. You will also need 4-matched TVs and wall mounts (not supplied).

Subtitle Function: With our WolfPack 4 Output Video Wall you can scroll sub-title words like ABC Company on a USB drive and plug the USB drive to the USB port and turn on the 4 Output Video Wall Processor. Press number 0 on the remote control and then follow below steps: MENU --> ROLL TET --> OK, its that easy. You can even adjust the word size, color, background and the scrolling speed.

The 4 Output Video Wall allows you to manipulate input videos to a position and size you want for viewing. The embedded scalar converts signals from input sources to match the native resolution of monitors, flat panel displays, projectors.

The 4 Output Video Wall sends the resulting mixed video thru HDMI interface to the connected 4 - widescreens or projectors based on the display layout. The layout can be readily modified to fit your applications and optimize visual effects. Typical applications include digital signage, and broadcasting/education/ surveillance systems etc.

WolfPack 4 Output Video Wall Features:

  • Selects between and sends HDMI, DVI, USB or VGA to 4 HDMI outputs
  • Incorporates a Sub-title scrolling function
  • More than 10 different operation languages to choose from
  • Operate by a remote control and Front buttons
  • Supports 2X2, 1x2, 1X4, 4X1, etc splicing
  • Select between one Input:
    • USB2.0: Supports sub-title function in a .mkv video
    • VGA + 3.5mm audio: Supports 1920x1080/60HZ and below
    • CVBS: Supports PAL and NTSC
    • HDMI: Supports 1080p and below 1080p
  • Four HDMI Outputs:
    • 3.5mm Audio: de embedded from the HDMI or 3.5mm VGA Audio input
    • HDMI: Up to 1080p
  • Mirror function: Can rotate the image 180 degrees
  • Controls: Remote control, DIP switch and front buttons
  • Language: Support more than 10 languages to choose
  • Four HDMI outputs
  • Each HDMI output has an independent controllable display area
  • Functions perfectly as video screen splitter, video converter and video switcher.
  • Titles, borders and single color background
  • Image parameters and layouts are automatically saved in memory and can be used later
  • Several image parameters and layouts can saved and can be loaded for later use
  • Video parameters adjustable
  • User selectable output settings

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