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4K 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter w/9-HDBaseT Receivers & Output Control to 220'

Item Code: MM1x9HDBT220
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HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ 4K 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter allows you to control the outputs of the splitter with an app. The 19" Rack Mount Chassis back plane allows one 4K-HDMI Input to be split to 9-4K Outputs using 9-4K HDBaseT extenders with POC (which are included). We only use HDBaseT technology as it sends uncompressed video & audio with zero latency upwards of 220 feet at 1080p & 4K at 110 feet using one CAT6 cable. The picture quality is like using a 3 foot HDMI cable. The base model of this 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter is HDTV Supplys Modular HDMI Matrix Router and is preconfigured with 1-female HDMI input and 9-HDBaset outputs and comes with 9-HDBaseT receivers. By having 1-port slide in cards the 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter is very reliable as in the unlikely even there is a loss of signal you just replace the card with a spare you have purchased or order another from us. The complete splitter does not have to be sent to us for a repair.

The unique feature of this 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter is that you have complete control of each one of the 9-outputs of which you can either turn OFF or turn ON the signal going to the 9-displays. Usual 1x9 splitters do not allow you to do that. You control the outputs of this 1x9 HDBaseT splitter with an IOS or Android app, front buttons, WEB GUI control or the RS-232 serial port. It also has optional URC, Elan & 2-Way Control4 drivers and more. Other features will allow you to add more outputs to a total of nine and even growing it to a full 4K matrix switch in the future by buying HDMI input cards.

The benefit of having individual OFF and ON control of any output is that it can be used in installations where you may not want to send the picture, audio or video to all screens like in Q/A testing facilities, factories, schools and universities, military installations and in homes where you may want to shut off the cable box to the kids rooms while they're doing their homework. You can even save up to 40-Presets for often used scenes.

Reasons that sets our WolfPack™ 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter apart from others:

  1. Complete control of the HDBaseT outputs
  2. Field Upgradable
  3. Breakout R/L audio on the input card to go to an amp
  4. Additional HDMI output for a local monitor
  5. Power Over Cable (PoC) design means there are no AC adapters needed at the TVs.
  6. 4K/30 for the best picture, 4X better than 1080p
  7. HDCP 1.4 compliant on all inputs and HDBaseT Receivers
  8. Includes the best HDBaseT HDMI to CAT6 extenders, not cheap H.264 w/fuzzy compressed video
  9. 40 - Programmable Preset Scenes To Choose From
  10. No latency
  11. Control of the outputs via an iPad, Android, Web Browser (WEB GUI), RS232 & Front Buttons
  12. 2-Year WolfPackCare Advance Replace Warranty
  13. Free Lifetime Telephone, CHAT, TEXT and Email Tech Support
  14. Other In & out cards available like VGA, DVI, Fiber, SDI, CVBS, YPbPr and Audio

WolfPack™ 1x9 HDBaseT Splitter Configuration:

  • 1 - Small 2U 4K 9-card in & 9-card out card cage chassis
  • 1 - 1-port 4K HDMI input card with separate audio out
  • 1 - 1-port 4K HDMI output card for a local monitor
  • 9 - 1-port 4K HDMI HDBaseT output cards w/POC
  • 9 - 4K HDBaseT receivers to 220 feet at 1080p & 4K/30 at 110 feet

HDTV Supplys implementation of the HDBaseT technology and this product adds virtually zero latency to the HDMI audio and video signal, less than 7 microseconds (0.000007 sec) over 220 feet of CAT6 cable. At 100 feet you are talking about 3 microseconds (0.000003 sec). This means for example, in a factory, church or auditorium, the speakers lips are always in synch with the video image on all the TVs and projectors 100's of feet away.

1x9 HDBaseT Splitter Features:

  • 4K Chassis size: Supports 9 input and 9 output cards
  • 1-Input Card:
    • 1 - 4K Input HDMI card with a separate 3.5mm audio out
  • 9 - 4K Output Cards:
    • 1 - 1-port 4K HDMI output card for a local monitor
    • 9 - 4K HDMI HDBaseT RJ45 output cards
    • 9 - 4K HDBaseT Receivers to support 220 feet at 1080p & 4K at 110 feet
  • Advanced EDID management for rapid integration of sources and displays
  • Front-panel LCD display for status feedback
  • Dual IP controlled via built-in web server and LAN
  • Dual RS-232 Serial interface for remote control via an automation control system
  • Supports fast splitting without any black/ blue/ split screen in any of the TVs
  • Supports resolution exchanges with several resolutions can be chosen and used
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Rack-mountable

HDTV Supply, Inc. is an HDBaseT.Org Approved Adopter of HDBaseT™ Products.

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